I create theatrical, immersive, and visceral experiences that bring stories to life.


Hi! My name is Diede (pronounced as Deedà).
I create theatrical and immersive experiences that bring stories to life.

Using tools from theatre, media, games, and theme parks I explore new ways to tell stories, making them tangible, interactive, and completely enveloping.

My award-winning work can be found in immersive theatre, escape rooms, VR experiences, and art installations; where I use theatre techniques as well as new technologies such as VR/AR and AI to create immersive and visceral experiences.

I'm equal parts designer, director, dramaturg, as well as someone who likes to build things with their hands. I'm a team player and love to work together with others.

I graduated in Media Design, specializing in interactive media and animation. Currently, I'm enrolled in the Interactive Performance Design course (BSc of Theatre) at the University of the Arts Utrecht.

Experience designConcept design Narrative design Storyworld development Environmental storytelling Transmedia storytelling Stage and set design Art direction Lighting design Projection mapping and SFX Audio design VR design & development Prop making Arduino and electronics Software development

A selection of my best work.


Above the Line

An immersive theater piece in which audience members are invited to participate in the creation of a documentary about the gentrification of Amsterdam-North.

Audience members were free to roam the studio and discover the background and agenda of each character.

Multiple scenes playing out at the same time, making it impossible to see everything. As a result, each audience member got their own view on what had occured.

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A Prismatic Eye on a Midsummer Night's Dream

Rewriting Shakespeare's classic A Midsummer Night's Dream into a spoof on modern reality tv in which actors mirror the actions seen in VR, giving that extra touch of realism. I also created a pre-game in which the audience is able to chat with a character from the show, powered by AI and machine learning.

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Interactive animatronic 'Leo'

With a life-long fascination for robotics and themeparks, building an animatronic from scratch has always been a dream of mine. With 18 motors and self-designed operating software under the hood this project has been a wonderful learning experience and a joy to work on.
(This project is still work in progress)

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A Century of Progress

Step back in time to 1933's Detroit World's Fair. Explore multiple floors of The Astor Plaza Hotel and discover what happened to the guests staying there when an mysterious accident occurred within this free roaming VR experience.

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Soar into forgotten lands and return the light that has long been faded. Using 360 projection, motion tracking, wind, spatial sound and scents to completely transport you into another world.

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Overview lights

Feel what the overview effect is like, which astronauts experience when they look back at this planet. Using handmade lights that respond to touch to influence the lightshow, accompanied by an unique score.

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